About Us

Imagine watching your children play on playset that will someday become your grandchildrens’ playset. Our playsets are built with quality and if cared for properly, can be passed from generation to generation.  Let Sunrise Playsets help you make lasting memories your family will treasure forever. We can’t tell you enough about Sunrise Playsets.

We strive to bring you the highest quality in the industry on playsets. Sunrise playsets are built using only the best quality treated lumber on the market today. Our playsets don’t only surpass the competition because of the quality of the material used to make each set, but also because of the craftsmanship and our rigorous quality control in the manufacturing plant.  You’ll also love our premium customer service and expedited delivery time frame. We only want the best and we know you do too!

A Safe Sunrise Playset is a Fun and Exciting Adventure

Our goal is to ensure the safety and happiness of your child while they enjoy their playset. All of our lumber used is the best we can buy, treated yellow pine (YellaWood®) that’s a renewable resource, sturdy and long-lasting.

We all work hard for every dollar earned and when you invest in our playsets, we want you to receive 100% of your money’s worth; along with the satisfaction and peace of mind that your child will be safe while having fun on our playsets.

All of our lumber has all edges rounded for a smooth surface for tiny little hands. This prevents splintering.  We are confident that our playsets are sturdy, safe, fun and beautiful. Our staff will make sure everything is in place before leaving the area you have chosen for your playset.

All playset products are guaranteed for one (1) year against defect in manufacturing and workmanship. This Warranty does not include normal wear and tear, failure to maintain the product, damage or misuse.