Three Story Ship Playset

Three Story Ship Playset Price: $5100.00
36 months $224.54, 48 months $202.08
(In addition to a $250.00 down payment)

The Three Story Ship playset comes standard with a 10’ wave slide,in addition to a 10’ wooden gangplank, 16’ swing beam, 1 ladder, 3 soft grip swings, 1 disc swing, 6’x12’ cross, ship wheel, 2- 7’ rope climbs, periscope, telescope, 8 octagon portholes, and also arrowhead anchors.

This unique three-story ship is sure to please any child. There are so many great things to do on the ship that they will never get bored. They will pretend to sail the high seas, walk the plank, look for treasure and swing above the dangerous ocean waters. Their imagination will run wild with the possibilities this playset will bring them. It is a sure win for any child no matter their interests. Check out the many available options you can add to this playset.